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Quality Assurance

The Chuck Olsen Co. offers inspection services at any point along the process. These add that extra level of protection for your purchases that can mean the difference in keeping your customer's business and loyalty. 

Field Inspections
Processing facility inspections 
Dock Inspections
Use our inspectors or yours

Trust your quality standards to The Chuck Olsen Company

Chuck Olsen Co Quality


We're committed to providing you with best quality of the industry.

Food Safety

Every Chuck Olsen Co. supplier is required to have up to date food safety and third party audit programs in effect. We require compliance to State and Federal regulations regarding farming, harvesting and processing practices. 

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) 
Good Manufaacturing Practices (GMP)

Each of these programs must be in place by our suppliers in order to meet out Chuck Olsen Co. Quality Assurance criteria. 

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