Chuck Olsen Co History

The Chuck Olsen Company's Roots

The Chuck Olsen Company's farming roots date back to the early 20th century when times were hard but family tradition was rock solid. Now 105 years later, third and fourth generation Olsen family members work side by side, always mindful of the family tradition that brought them their success today. Millions of cartons of grapes, citrus and melons are shipped yearly throughout California in the Top Stock, Stagecoach and Tulare Chief labels from Olsen farms. The family tradition continues. 

"My granddad came over from Denmark when he was a teenager. He settled in Orange Cove in 1910 and began his life as a farmer," offered Chuck Olsen as he looked back on his family history.  Along with son Jeff, daughter Marti and son-in-law Tom Salisbury, they run the company today, guided by the same rock solid traditions and principles that have served the company so well.

"Family, honesty and hard work. These values were given to me by parents and grandparents. I saw them lived out every day I as was growing up on the ranch. Today I have the satisfaction of knowing that I've passed the Olsen family values to my kids. They are fourth generation Olsen's and third generation California natives," said Chuck. "We get a kick out of working together. We're really a lucky family."     

with a national food service buying company as well as over six years in sales for a major Salinas grower-shipper. 

Today the Chuck Olsen Company stands as one of the stellar members of the produce industry's grower shipper community. They are the recipients of both the Blue Book (Trading Member Award) and Red Book (Character Award). 

As a young man Chuck Olsen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture and Enology from California State University Fresno. Son Je ff and Daughter Marti both have degrees in Agricultural Marketing from California Polytechnic Institute. Jeff spent five years buying for a major retailer and has been with the Chuck Olsen Company for more than 20 years. Marti also spent 5 years as a retailer buyer before joining the company in 1996. Son-in-law Tom Salisbury likewise graduated from Cal Poly but with a degree in Crop Science. A veteran also, Tom spent over seven years       

It's a simple thing. It's a family thing.

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